NerdBurger 207 - Tuning the Windmills

This week Jim returns to talk pizza shoes, Nickelback perks, death by porn, Gus Fring, Doctor Magnethands, Satanic Panic, and Bucktooth Bob. Plus, Jim rants on board games, tells us what happens when nerds buy cars, and reads us some more Sammy Pepys!

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"Oooh my, yur ehhpisode is sooooo loooong!" - Either a Dutch accent, or Peter Lorre. Take your pick.

"Oooh my, yur ehhpisode is sooooo loooong!" - Either a Dutch accent, or Peter Lorre. Take your pick.

RIP Loren Wiseman and Bill Paxton.

MST3K reboot has a Netflix movie sign, er... I mean, release date.

Marty McFly didn't order his hydrated Pizza Hut pizza from his self-lacing shoes because that would have been stupid, but that's what we have in the real future except they're not self-lacing.

The weirdest thing about this story is that there exists a perception that Nickelback is owed free stuff.

Was Ted McGinley in on this Dynasty reboot, or did he conjure it into existence with his words. Is Ted McGinley a wizard?

Japanese man apparently crushed to death under 13,000 lb porn collection. See, it does make you go blind. Because your eyes don't work when you're dead.

The Minnesota Vikings can't do anything right.

Going to SXSW? Say hello to The Chicken Brothers while you're there.

Doctor Magnethands ...Magnet-Hands? ...Magne-Thands? a new RPG for you to play while drunk. And Satanic Panic is a new RPG currently on Kickstarter about how RPG's are evil and corrupt our youth. Good thing you're an adult now, so play on!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Poppin', Lockin', Floppin', and Droppin'
  • Ghost Gamers
  • Nickelback Cachet