NerdBurger 210 - Immutable Craig

This week Dave returns to announce the new Addictive Alchemy alpha app and talk celebrity deaths, cherry blossom burgers, origami robots, and figure skating Twitter-fouls. Plus, Mike tests the guys' knowledge of British slang in the Word Nerd Game!

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Happy birthday Craig!

Happy birthday Craig!

RIP Chucks Berry and Barris.

The amazing Japanese culture never stops producing or inspiring awesome things, like the new cherry blossom burger, NASA's new origami robot, and the Gong Show... oh, wait...

Speaking of the Japanese, former Olympic and DWTS Champion Kristi Yamaguchi put her skate in her mouth when she tweeted current Dancing contestant Nancy Kerrigan telling her to "break a leg!" ...oops.

Play along at home with The Rise of the Hipster Bird-Watcher.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Never Changin' for Nobody
  • Bad Acronyms are Dumb
  • Addictive alchemy Companion app is Ready On the interNet, Yes Ma'am
  • Pilot Light of Perfect Truculence