NerdBurger 211 - Fireworks and Nipples

This week Mike's dad Tim returns to talk sex robots, Samsung, cancer blood tests and dog detectors, men's nipples, bloody & spongy fake meat, and funny fake pill bottles. Also, Tim updates us on his disappearing past and Mike reads some viewer mail!

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Sex doll likes it when you touch it there.

Man smuggles handgun into jail, handgun escapes before cavity search.

Samsung opens new Incendiary Store, where you can buy new phones with compromised biometric "security".

An experimental blood test may be able to detect and differentiate between multiple types of cancer, but for now you'll have to settle for dogs sniffing you.

Why men (still) have nipples.

If the veggie burger that "bleeds" is too gross, you can try some spongey "chicken" or "duck".

Get yourself some old-timey funny medicine bottles from Anti-Pills.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • So, About That Interstate Fire...
  • One Hell of a Fourth of July
  • The Best Cut of Vulcan
  • Tough Like Wolf Meat
  • Oxford Comma and Stuff