NerdBurger 213 - Crap Adjacent

This week Josh returns to talk celebrity's mom's deaths, maybe a new D&D movie, MST3K, giant robot fight, expensive Magic cards, the potato chip famine, and fake tech news. Also, Josh updates us on video games & MomoCon, and Kevin sends another question!

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RIP Dave's Mom.

Sofia Vergara's husband has written a D&D movie script.

MST3K is back! Screw your job, go watch it all on Netflix now.

Japanese and American teams have built giant human-operated mechs that they will use to fight to the death in August. We're assuming that's the "death" of the mechs, not the humans, but tune in just in case!

Speaking of Japan news, some spoiled kid's mom almost sold his rare Magic cards online for a relative steal. Here's what they're really worth. Way to go kid, maybe you'll take better care of your things now.

Also from Japan where the potato crop was severely damaged by a typhoon, we bring you The Great Japan Potato Chip Crisis of 2017.

And back in America, here's some fake scary tech news stuff you really don't need to worry about. You go, Gray Lady.

Do you find killer monsters "cute"? Oh boy, are you in luck: Get your new favorite horror movie icon Funko Pop figures now!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Outrun on a Walker
  • Not Your Google Monkey
  • Disappointing Segue