NerdBurger 218 - No Pandering Zone

This week Larry returns to talk Murder Pockets, avacado hand, leaky ears, good-CRISPR, flexitarians, and Mr. Biggles. Plus: the guys discuss this season of Better Call Saul (SPOILERS!), MST3K, & The Founder, and Kevin emails in with an urgent question!

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Dude, Hot Pockets really aren't worth killing over.

The national health emergency that is Avocado Hand must be eliminated from our kitchens and emergency rooms.

Does your brain feel dry? Is your pillow always wet? Your brain could be leaking.

Somebody finally thought of something useful to do with CRISPR. It will still probably mutate and destroy us all, but at least we had good intentions.

"Flexitarian" is a word some douchebag made up to describe human omnivores.

Mr. Biggles is an utter utter utter bastard who you can adopt if you live in Australia. Otherwise, you can email him on his website,

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Good Head
  • Ring of Fire
  • Record Number of Star Wipes