NerdBurger 229 - The Other Shark Week

This week Lisa returns to talk The Ocho, X-Files, Voltron, Karate Kid, Hannibal, armadillos, planetary protection, and pet translators. Also: It's all Syfy as Craig watches Blood Drive and Lisa reviews the worst of Sharknado Week! Fin.

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ESPN 8: The Ocho is going to be real for one day! And that day was yesterday, so we hope you caught it.

X-Files season 11 updates are happening faster than Mike can use them to annoy Craig, so bookmark that link.

Lego Voltron allows you to build five different lion-shaped bricks, which then can be used to build a big robot, or something.

Karate Kid: the TV show is coming to YouTube Red, starring William Zabka as good-guy hero Johnny Lawrence, who continues to try to put his life back together after constantly being screwed over by evil out of town a-hole Daniel LaRusso, played by My Cousin Vinny extra Ralph Macchio.

Texas man shoots self in face after bullet ricochets off of an armadillo. You too can probably (but shouldn't) try this at home, because armadillos are practically everywhere.

NASA is hiring a new Planetary Protection Officer. You can apply for the job here, if this nine year old doesn't get hired first.

Or maybe you'd rather become a tech-futurist and make wild predictions nobody will ever hold you to, like this one about 2027's new pet translator <rolleyes>.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Lens Flare Sweatshop
  • Dodgeballzzz!
  • The Smoking Gunmen
  • Got a Case of The Wookie
  • Backwoods Statler and Waldorf