NerdBurger 236 - All-in on Terrible

Episode CCXXXVI RETURN OF THE LOUD GUY ...oops, wrong format... Michael returns to talk AndoCon, CAPERS, Die Laughing, Price is Right, movies, and TV. Plus: Michael makes four Ewoks from the latest on Han Solo, Episode IX, & Rebels, and a Kevin Question!

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Continuing with 2017 as "The Anniversary Year", The Price is Right celebrated Drew Carey's 10th season with ten times the prize amount on the Showcase Showdown's Big Wheel, and a statistically anomalous number of winners!

Did you get your new iPhone 8 last week, or are you waiting for the X? One of those choices was wise, one may not have been.

Maybe you can still locate an iPhone X by trading up. Should only take 6 or 7 steps using the One Red Paperclip scale.

Coming to theaters this Christmas, Jim Gaffigan and Ed Helms star in Chappaquiddick. It's a dark comedy that will have you laughing your way off of bridges all the way home!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Once Every Three Months
  • Return of the Lensflare
  • Great Personality Phone
  • Remedial Podcast Transcription