NerdBurger 245 - Spampires

This week Larry returns to talk MST3K, coma nightmare, rat brains, body transplant update, kleptopredation, UFOs, and space treaties! Plus: SPOILERS lay ahead as the guys review what they've been streaming, including Stranger Things 2 and Sons of Anarchy.

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There's more MST3K on the way.


So it'll be Planet of the Rats, not Apes then. Okay.

The Italian Doctor Frankenstein has teamed up with his Chinese counterpart to perform body ("head") transplants on corpses, monkeys, dogs, and mice, but not his original Russian patient who has apparently escaped captivity.

No thanks, I’m full of tasty pig. And that pig just ate a baby. So you know…I’m stuffed…and a cannibal, technically.

UFOs or just cities at night?

Space nation ain't got no space station, but they do have a crappy low orbit satellite carrying a small hard drive so that's... something?

It turns out there are some space laws out there, including Moonbase neighbor etiquette.

And it also turns out that Pacific Islanders really do love SPAM because of WWII.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hot Custom Spatula
  • Space Nation on a Space Station
  • Yelp: Terrible, One Star