NerdBurger 248 - Warming the Cockles

This week Joseph brings some actual podcasting talent and joins the guys to talk screensavers, Waffle House, Botnik, 21st Century Disney, and serendipitous photography. Also: the guys share some bad Christmas gift ideas, and answer another Kevin Question!

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Do you remember screensavers? Do you also remember PC games? Now you can enjoy both together!

If you don't live near a Waffle House, you're missing out.

Botnik ideas and Christmas gift ideas and answer another Kevin question and answer another Kevin question and answer another Kevin question and...

Disney now owns 21st Century Fox. Also, it's not 20th Century Fox anymore. Whaaaat?

Engaged couple finds proof that we're living in the Matrix, er I mean... that their love is real...?

Do trailers even have seven foot ceilings? And more Christmas gift ideas. And more. And more...

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Standing on Chairs and Shouting
  • Waffle House Audition
  • Hate Gifting
  • Extraneous Guest Noise