NerdBurger 250 - New Year's Revolutions

This week Andy returns to talk Night Court, family friends, Cat Scratch Disease, tech bombs, Die Hard, and non-facts. Plus: the guys discuss The Good Place (SPOILERS!), praise Andy's mad snow removal skills, and answer the last Kevin Question... of 2017!

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Sometimes you DO choose your family.

Are you "unable to provoke" your penis into an erection? It might have a fever.


Die Hard's writer weighs in on the movie's Christmasness.

These are NOT a bunch of lies from Craig. They're from other people.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Episode Two-Fitty
  • Penis Paws
  • Jerk One Foot to the Left
  • Black Hole Unit
  • Thank You, Shakespeare
  • We're a Cost Center!