NerdBurger 255 - Get Your Holmes On

This week Jim returns to talk Mister Rogers, MRIs, Voynich Manuscript update, Milwaukee media malfeasance, Halloween revival, and indigenous place names. Also: Jim gets his Watson on, reads some Sammy Peeps, and answers a Cevin Cwestion!

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World's nicest actor to play world's nicest man. Also, Tom Hanks is set to play Mister Rogers!

The M is for "Magnetic".

Manuscript with the mysterious Translate Voynich on top of Google with the Bananarama.

Local media botches story on new ordinances, quotes people out of context. Reported as news!

Just kill her already!

Alice Cooper gets schooled by Jim, Mike, and the Milwaukee Public Library.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Who's Got The Poops?
  • I Left it on My Snowblower
  • Try to be Stupid
  • Poowaukee
  • Wildly Poopular