NerdBurger 262 - As Metal as Metal Can Get

This week Larry returns to talk heavy metal, Bill & Ted 3, hop-less beer, frozen pickle juice, O'Reilly surprise, and space station doom. Also Craig gives us a CAPERS Kickstarter update, Mike finds some "new" equipment, and Larry develops an app idea!

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Since we talked about it last week, here's some Bill & Ted 3 news.

Growing hops is HARD.

What happens when the bored teenager running the slush machine starts hanging out with the stoner who smokes out back on the mostly empty pickle barrels? This.

"HEY! Who keeps ordering Flux Capacitors?!?"

Outdoor plans this weekend? Watch your head...

And this is what the solar system looks like as it travels away from the location of your time machine.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Having' a Day
  • Iron Umbrella, Featuring Iron Parasol
  • Totes Metal
  • Five Years of Suck