NerdBurger 263 - Challenge Accepted

This week Michael returns to talk slice of ketchup, sexy chess, twins in & out of space, smokin' Owen, and new words. Plus: Craig gives us one more CAPERS Kickstarter update, Michael brings his top ten N64 games, and we're still answering Kevin Questions!

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Help CAPERS illustrator Beth replace her old and busted with some new hotness.

Look like a fruit roll-up, tastes like Ketchup. We hope.

Chess is sexy now...?

Aaaaaaahhh, space mutant!

Wow, it's Owen Wilson smoking in the crapper. Wooowwww.

New words, because they're not really words until the dictionary says so.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Wooowwww
  • That's How Skateboarding Works
  • Low Hanging Fruit
  • Qwips wif Qwevin