NerdBurger 264 - Deswirlifying

This week Andy returns to talk band name bot, dam fine awareness, MMA disqualification, so long Tiangong, & “face” creams. Also: Craig recaps his successful CAPERS Kickstarter, Andy hosts “What’s That Corporate Acronym?”, & Kevin asks a brunchy question!

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Remember kids, April is STD Awareness Month, so go get your junk checked and follow @ScabbyBeaver on Twitter!

Show off? Show yourself the door.

China's space station finally crashed in the South Pacific. Or it was all an April Fools joke. Who can tell, really?

Penis facial... not exactly what you think it means.

Computer-generated Coachella band names. Now can we have computer-generated Coachella, but without the smell?

This is the guy who got deswirlified. Not related to the penis facial.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Slightly Open and Passing
  • Screaming Beaver
  • Spark Up the Ol' Beanbag
  • Taking Care of Bidness, Yo