NerdBurger 265 - This Isn't Canada

This week Curt returns to talk Xanto, Billy Mitchell, Kit Kat cake, punk rock turtle, grumpy goose, and Home Alone. Plus: Curt gives us "live" updates from inside the storm, reads more Small Town News, and helps answer another Marty, er... Kevin Question!

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Billy Mitchell (cue Pac-Man dying sound)

Kit Kat takes good care of their relationships.

Australian punk rock... turtle.

Goose divides neighbors with duck gang and crazy antics.

Rest in Peace, Harry. No, not that one. We'll cover that next week... :(

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Good Morning from Hoth
  • At Least Eighteen Inches In
  • Jerk Goose
  • A Pound of Beaver
  • Meat Raffle