NerdBurger 284 - Sharktatonator

This week Lisa returns to talk bad SyFy and Sci-Fi, including The Last Sharknado, Star Wars, Star Trek, Apollo 13, and The Martian. Also: Kickstarters to play and watch, Ren Faire stories, speaking Dutch in Denmark, and a Kevin Question about Number 1!

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Check out Craig's protege's Game, Entromancy, on Kickstarter now!

RIP, Robin Leach. Hope the food's better in Heaven!

And check out The Last Blockbuster documentary, also on Kickstarter now.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Jurassic Shark
  • Hot-Dipped and Botoxified
  • The United Kingdom of Windmill Countries
  • Rupert and Mortholomew
  • Ye Olde EMTs