NerdBurger 310 - Hello Gerry

This week Larry returns to talk animal dating, stuffed junk, mini arcade, and Ghostbusters 3. Also: the guys talk Big Mouth & Letterkenny, Kevin Questions cutting-edge crap, Larry scams a scammer, and Craig & Mike divulge their joke about Joann's Gerald!

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Ah shtill love you, Jo-aaaaann

Ah shtill love you, Jo-aaaaann

SBH (Single Black Heifer) seeking SS (Single Stud) for romantic interludes that will produce a calf. No breed preference. No smokers. 

Got mounds of tobacco and six grand burning a hole in your pocket? Try this Whale penis!

This would have been a lot easier for George Costanza to get across the street. But his fat wallet would be even fatter.

Jason Reitman is making Ghostbusters 3 his love letter to the franchise.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Whale Penis, it’s the Worst

  • Quantum Pizza with Sam Jackson

  • I’m Still Buffering