NerdBurger 311 - Orange Whiplash

This week Ando returns to talk bodies of water, packets of sauce, and nanoparticles of night vision. Plus: Ando & Craig explore Instacart, discuss Sci-Fi on TV, and Ando updates us on his Patreon, SoaDP Podcast Kickstarter, and Facebook Live rambles!

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Next, lakes will want to get married and have ponds and...

Yes, I would like fire sauce with that. And a box of MREs and a case of water and an emergency roadside kit and a bag of dog food and…

Just one more step until laser-beam-mice, right?

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • A Publix-Sized Deadzone

  • Instacolloquial

  • Horatio Algae

  • Groanworthy

  • Trolling the Tasting Room

  • Capo-Dependent