NerdBurger 316 - Bodhi's Shoes and Eyeballs

This week Andy returns to talk Oak Island, prison rats, Lent for lushes, Filipino spider man, and study finds. Plus: Andy weaves a bulletproof vest from his body hair, everyone takes the Seven Basic Plots test, and Kevin wonders if bees have body odor!

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This is what happens when you don’t let them use drones.

Ohio Man toasts Jesus’ sacrifice with 40 days of beer.

Spidergift, spidergift. Does whatever a spidergift does.

Study finds that Twinkie defense guy really was full of crap.

Seven Basic Plots Test - Each guest needs to “be prepared to name several movies that it's likely we've all seen” from a wide variety of genres. Not a “list”.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Elton John’s Parade Float Piano

  • Put it in The Hensonometer

  • Free Range Prison Rat

  • Andy’s Bearded Dragon

  • The Other Income

  • Point Break is a Tragedy

  • Bodhi is Alive, Swayze is Dead