NerdBurger 321 - Absolutely Drunk and Smoking

This week Curt returns to talk Legos, inappropriate acres, hocking horse hockey, moon water, and Florida Man's bumper sticker. Also: Craig covers the craziest TV show crossovers, Mike helps Kevin crack the urinal code, and Curt solves space batteries!

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Lego? Braille? It just clicked.

Swaaa-stika Acres is the place to be… renamed about 80 years late.

Or put $200 on a longshot and get shit for it, as well.

Dr. Bevil’s got a (fancy rendering of a) lunar lander with frickin’ lasers on its underbelly.

Florida Man loves eating ass, free speech, and bumper stickers. Unsure of the order…

And As Heard On NerdBurger™, it’s Craig’s Crazy TV Crossovers! And… MORE Craig’s Crazy TV Crossovers!!!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • When That Person is You

  • Schrödinger's Triple Cröwn

  • Scotty Bezos

  • Digging Up Some Moron

  • Cracking the Urinal Code

  • Inornament Amounts

  • Commander Deus ex Machina