NerdBurger 330 - Camp Murder Hole

This week Josh returns to mourn Bob Diamond & Cheddar, and talk streaming services & death by safe. Plus: Craig finds a new vacation spot, Josh reports on the latest in video games & reviews a selection of Kamen Rider series, and Kevin wonders about wind!

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RIP, Rip and Cheddar.

And I was stuck at work, where no free(way) cash was raining upon me.

It’s not TV Max, it’s...

The turquoise is nice, but does it come in rose gold?

There is a fine line between fake news and fake advertising.

There is only one meaning in this instance of the phrase “safe movers”.

Dear enemy, wanna go to Yellowstone?

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • All the Sushi Chefs

  • On One of the Sun’s Moons

  • What the Dark Web is For

  • Committing Elkicide

  • Idaho Murder Hole

  • Beehive Hair Umbrella

  • Destroying all the Internets