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Craig made a roleplaying game called Murders & Acquisitions. It's a lot of fun. 

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Actual high praise from people we don't know:

"Thank you for putting out one of my favorite podcasts every week. Thanks you." - Contest Winner Ben
"You guys are awesome!" - Sean Patrick Fannon
"I hate podcasts, and I love it. You guys are hilarious!" - Elizabeth
"Fantastically funny!" - Sarah

High praise for NerdBurger:

"It was good... I actually listened to the whole thing before I fell asleep." - Capt. James
 "I had no idea what you guys were talking about. It's all young guy stuff." - Mike's dad
"It was only an hour? It seemed like it was longer." - Andy's dad
"It didn't give me The Grippe!" - Jason B.

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