Wanna know a little somethin'-somethin' about our regular guests? Here you go.  


Ando is a singer/songwriter, fiction author, web developer, and all-around amazing guy. He's so inspired by gaming and the fun to be had when people gather to play games, he started his own gaming convention. Never mind that he named it after himself.


Hewn from a uterus of flesh and raised in the frozen tundras west of the mid-North American Great Lakes, Andy learned two lessons early in life: how to be a geek and to conceal it.  He celebrates being equally versed in sarcasm and sexual innuendo, part health nut, part beer snob, part metal head.  In the hours of sunlight, he wiles away as a shameful mega-corporate cog, or is it a sprocket?


By day, Curt attempts to fill young peoples’ heads with knowledge. By night.... well, who are we kidding, he works nights a lot, too. When not going at the "teaching", you might find Curt being artsy on his own, catching a local show, or trying to find an indie band's new album on vinyl. When he lacks the money to do those things (which is often), you'll find him at home watching the Netflix, playing video games, or napping with his greyhound.


Dave likes board games. He likes them so much that he even designs them.


James teaches his children all about "what is best in life." He's a good dad like that.


Jim (never James) is ur-nerd.  He’s from back when men spent dimes on games and wrote competing meta-narratives for Gorf.  He also works for the government but offers you his assurances that he can be trusted.


Josh is an environmental engineer who mostly enjoys video games and animation when he's not busy saving the planet. You're welcome, by the way. His tastes adhere to no particular platform, genre, or culture.


Larry is a middle aged bachelor who refuses to grow up. He works as a manager in a restaurant where he enjoys bossing people around and sleeping well past noon. His hobbies include drinking, listening to music, playing music, going to see live music, binge watching television series, and leisure sports (pool, darts, bowling, golf, pretty much anything you can play while drinking). He occasionally watches sports but doesn't think that makes him any less of a nerd. 

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is a Security Specialist by day and geek queen by night who lives in the D.C. metro area. Her nerd passion stems from LARPing, Rennaisance Faires, Cosplay, and table games, as well as being an overall foodie. She is now locked away in her apartment, taking a 12-step program to break her rather unhealthy Breaking Bad addiction.


A caricature of middle age suburbia, Matthew has embraced this life with grace and humor not seen since Ricardo Montalban was Khan.  Once described as an elitist snob, he uses this unique perspective when pontificating about the world around him.  Yet, at the end of the day, all he really wants is the same as everyone else, a long walk on the beach, cute kittens, a good book, and to snuggle.


Michael the Loud Guy is a gamer, geek, pro wrestling smark, Prot Warrior, raconteur, and man-about-town. Don't expect him to know what's wrong with your car, but if you need to learn a lot about the Halo universe, he's your guy. When he's not making his mark on the NerdBurger podcast, you can find Michael dividing his time between the battlefields of Azeroth, the top turnbuckle, and that musty box of old Nintendo cartridges at your local thrift store.


Ray is a self-proclaimed "nerdaissance" man. He coaxilates with the technitude of the nerd renaissance while steadfastly standing on his “Revenge of the Nerds” era foundation. Sci-fi, fantasy, sci-fantasy…he reads, watches, and absorbs in all media. His favorite pastime is gaming, be it on the top of a table with minis and dice, console, or PC. He is ever-ready to explore new worlds while downing a pint or three.