NerdBurger 235 - Behind the Condemned Curtain

This week Craig and Mike welcome Ivan Van Norman to talk Geek and Sundry, The ABCs of RPGs, Outbreak: Undead - 2nd Edition, and Sagas of Sundry: Dread. Also: vampires & Graboids in the news, and Ivan cuts the ribbon on "Who Ya Killin', Whatcha Takin'?"!

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Check out Ivan's publishing website Hunters Books for updates on the Outbreak: Undead - 2nd Edition Kickstarter, which goes live in early October.

And get Ivan's book The ABCs of RPGs for a child you know, or just for your inner child, as well as other stuff.

Watch Ivan play games, and play games with other poor souls who are playing games, over at Geek and Sundry and on Alpha!

And follow Ivan at some or all of these fine social media outlets:

@Hydra_Lord on Twitter

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole uses its difficulty slider to make light (and dark?) of society's inherent institutional bigotry, or something.

Were vampires real? Of course not. They were just really anemic sick people, maybe.

New York City will eat you alive. No, really.

Aaand... Episode IX will get the JJ treatment. Jeez, what can't he do? Get the movie finished on time, that's what. New release date: December 2019.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Express Your Hobby
  • Booze Booze Booze
  • With a Little "f"
  • #TinyFloor

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