NerdBurger 290 - Features and Bugs

This week Jim returns to foreshadow Skype issues and talk weird races, dead celebrities, Civilization, and breathing. Also: Jim does the play-by-play for the UFC bonus fight, and starts to list all the obsolete technology he has to explain to his son!

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And now we complete the “weird race trifecta.” You’re welcome.

RIP, Scott Wilson.

Civilization VI is now available on your phone, and… you’re already alone in a corner playing it.

Breathe, emmer-effer!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Among the Most Meaningless

  • Ultimate Fighting Chaos Theory

  • Mister Hollywood Kung Fu Guy

  • Please Allow 8-12 Weeks

  • What’s Happening in The Good Place

NerdBurger 284 - Sharktatonator

This week Lisa returns to talk bad SyFy and Sci-Fi, including The Last Sharknado, Star Wars, Star Trek, Apollo 13, and The Martian. Also: Kickstarters to play and watch, Ren Faire stories, speaking Dutch in Denmark, and a Kevin Question about Number 1!

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NerdBurger 283 - Sponsorability

This week Larry returns to talk Bond Legos, Brady House update, Bourdain on Yelp, and building with beets. Plus: Larry gets a new Yelp review, Mike can't stop Owening, Craig gets an email, Kevin has his own restaurant shenanigans, and there's a Food Blog!

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