NerdBurger 243 - For Your Earholes Only

This week Josh returns to talk Plague, veggies, microtransactions, leaning tower, flavors, ozone hole, and creative sentencing. Also: the Halloween candies, foods, & precious metals roundup, Josh reviews Super Mario Odyssey, and a Hogwarty Kevin Question!

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Got Plague?

No, vegetables are sensual. People are sensuous.

We found a hat blog.

San Fran tower's falling down, falling down, falling down...

Pizza-men? No, it’s not what you think.

Somewhere there's a podcast that services the ozone hole.

And no fair writing the same thing 144 times.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Twisted Sister Glazed
  • Chili Lime Flavor
  • Supply and Demand

NerdBurger 241 - Wombat Dice

This week Craig and Mike get their own theme song and talk 3D printing, cubic crap, Oklahoma Man, space maps, graveyards, & hotels, and Amazon Key. Also: Craig quizzes Mike on famously misquoted movie lines, and another Kevin question gets answered!

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NerdBurger 239 - No Octopi

This week Derek Kamal joins the show to discuss his new game Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse currently on Kickstarter, and to talk sex robots, overwork, perception, and fun with maps. Also: ET versus Goonies, and the guys answer a couple of Kevin Questions!

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NerdBurger 237 - AndoBurger

This week Craig & Mike return to say nice things about, and do the bidding of, Supreme Podcast Master Ando as he takes control to launch the Kickstarter for AndoCon 2018! Also: Patent law opera, celebrity fun, a Kevin Question, and Ando gets shirt-hurt!

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