NerdBurger 209 - Million Dollar Idea

This week Jim returns to talk The Matrix: Rebooted, leaves momentarily while Craig & Mike discuss low-status chimps, and returns again to discuss Boaty McBoatface, Alexa Seary, and Sarah O'Connor. Plus, the trio SPOIL EVERYTHING about the movie Arrival!

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The Matrix: Re-booted?!? Oh jeez.

Experiments reveal that low-status chimps can better influence the behavior of their alpha counterparts. This explains much of Project X.

Scientists can be surprisingly slow-witted at times. Everybody knows you don't let random Internet-dwellers vote for the name of your new whatever.

But what if you yourself are already named something that becomes a pop-culture or brand identity? Alexa Seary and Sarah O'Connor feel your pain.

This guy thinks all you dudes should get Botox in your sack, because he's a doctor and that should be reason enough.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Everybody Loves a Good Kaiser Joke
  • My Nutsack is Wrinkly
  • Male Scientific Advantage

NerdBurger 204 - PlandoCon

This week Ando returns to talk Sam'slpode, swaddling, Iceland murder update, taxi farts, piles o' cash, hungry black holes, spectacular snow deaths, and the hands of copywright fate. Also, Ando announces his plan and helps Craig review hackers in movies!

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NerdBurger 203 - Doggonnit

This week Matthew returns to talk racist architecture, TV, home improvement, kids with tasers, murder in Iceland, basement moose, Anne Heche, and Super Bowl predictions. Plus, Matthew tells us how he became a nerd and everyone uses friendly cuss words!

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