NerdBurger 277 - A Little Bit of Work to Do

This week Matthew returns to talk fire slides, Norman-bot, Boba Fett & Kylo Ren, parking lot etiquette, and Top Gun 2. Also: Matthew visits New Orleans & NerdBurgers™ us on The Louisiana Purchase, brings us a Daniel Question, and answers a Kevin Question!

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 Not Saint Peter, but close.

Not Saint Peter, but close.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • NoteBookBurger
  • The Next Door Studio's Driveway
  • Tom Cruise's Middle Tooth
  • Doubling Up on Ben Franklin
  • A Lake Filled with Boobs and Poop

NerdBurger 276 - Up the Pole

This week Curt returns to talk units of impaction, Harlan Ellison, firehouse shenanigans, hotdog water, cilantro genes, and a river of bourbon. Plus: Airport X-ray stories, the end of notebook #3, and the Kevin Question we've all been waiting for!

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NerdBurger 273 - Deep Cut

This week Derek returns to talk highway to honey, auto-borrowing, and getting swole with the Mandelbaums. Also: Derek & Craig both work on Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse & CAPERS, Mike asks a question in the style of Kevin, & things get all Psycho at the end!

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NerdBurger 271 - The Answer is No

This week Larry returns to talk canine currency, zombie alert, Lego pinball, body transplant, and Swedish meatballs. Also: Mike's dreams are more clever than he is, Craig reviews ER, Larry wins the Leisure Olympics, and Kevin's answer is unanimous!

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