NerdBurger 270 - Acceptable at Funerals and the Grand Canyon

This week James returns to talk wife-carrying, Fortnite & fortnights, Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness, gold hotwings, support animals, and the Barkley Marathons. Plus: James describes Major Army life, Anne says hi, and Kevin asks another Question!

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Are diet pills considered a performance-enhancing drug?

24 carat gold chicken wings. If FoodGöd wants to send us some, we'll do a FoodBlög.

American Airlines is still Li'l Sebastian friendly.

And As Heard on NerdBurger™, it's the Barkley Marathons.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Good - Evil - Responsible
  • Classified Stuff and Things
  • When Harry Met Selfie
  • Colonels Aussie and Kiwi
  • The Philosopher's Churn
  • Li'l Support Sebastian
  • Sorry, We're Open

NerdBurger 267 - ConDiments

This week Dave returns to talk Amazon in your car, Vampire not Jyhad, Bacon-free Syfy, and million dollar fajitas. Also: Dave reviews Lost in Space, Craig gets ready for Infinity War, both attend ConGlomeration, and everyone answers a Kevin Question!

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NerdBurger 264 - Deswirlifying

This week Andy returns to talk band name bot, dam fine awareness, MMA disqualification, so long Tiangong, & “face” creams. Also: Craig recaps his successful CAPERS Kickstarter, Andy hosts “What’s That Corporate Acronym?”, & Kevin asks a brunchy question!

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