NerdBurger 006 - TurdBurger 001

Your hosts welcome guest Josh to the studio by turning off all the equipment! Topics include arresting Reese Witherspoon's chin, Burger King deliveries, video game reviews, and Doctor Who (SPOILERS...?) Also, the guys play "Movie Title Mashup".

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First, a note from NerdBurger Labs:

This week's technical difficulties were brought to you by Facebook. We're assuming it was them, anyway, after all the bashing Mike and Craig did on the last show. Well, either them or the Nepalese Laundry Workers Union. That'll make sense next week. Ahem...

What seems to have happened is that the recording software froze up somewhere around the 12:00 mark. When the recording restarted, the computer lost the USB connection to the mixer and recorded the rest of the show via the built-in microphone. This was the first time anything like this had happened with the equipment while recording, so our response - which was to do nothing - was woefully inadequate. We apologize: to our audience (all five of you), but especially to Josh for screwing up his first show.

We've recreated as best we could all of the live sound effects and music that the computer couldn't hear, so those bits sound even better than they would have normally! We'll just keep telling ourselves that...

We do hope you enjoy our forensic editing. Believe it or not, more work went into producing this episode than any preceding it. We deserve a Poddy for this, and so will you if you make it all the way to the end.

Bert Kaempfert's got the mad hits, yo.

Reese Witherspoon's chin and forehead both arrested in our backyard.


Got 4 dollars, a hankerin' for "meat", and no motivation to leave your sweet crib? No fear, Burger King delivers!

God Hand ending credits. 

 ET for the Atari 2600. Get your copy today, buried in the New Mexico desert!

Check out the episode of The Soup we mentioned. Caution: contains dick slapping.