NerdBurger 028 - Sitting in the Sidecar of Your Motorcycle Brain

This week Adrian returns to join Craig and Mike on a wild ride through gadget news, modern magic, possessions, and alternate realities, take one last little taste of MethTV while Walt is still alive (spoilers?), and Craig tells us his Axe Murderer Story!

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Mike got a new iPhone, and no it's not the gold one. Not to be outdone (or undone, whatever) Samesung announced new Galaxy S4's in anal pink and fecal brown with shiny gold plastic trim. Anyone want to bet whether we'll ever see sales figures on these beauties?

Hey ladies, come learn about baseball. You know, because it's "sports", and you don't know anything about sports. We've got shiny things to distract you from our terrible, terrible, misogyny. Signed, the Houston Astros. No wonder no one wants to watch them play.

Got magick? How about modern magic? The paranormal? Western esotericism? Alternate realities?? Alternate Universes??? Maybe you're just on a mega-dose of Ayahuasca. If that's the case, settle in and maybe levitate some megaliths.

Your homework for next week is to check out this scene from American Psycho --->

Wow, huh? And Christian Bale wasn't even acting!

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Penile Gland