NerdBurger 091 - Eye Candy

The guys welcome back Matthew sans spawn to talk cowpies, old forgotten things, beer guys, robot skin, quantum entanglement, and not Eaten Alive. Also, Matthew reviews a book, discusses Magnum PI theory, and battles Craig in How Many Pizzas Does it Cost?!

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Some people who ordered cow poop from Cards Against Humanity are angry that they were sent cow poop.

Founding Father time capsule found again.

"Ferris, he never drives it. He just piles bales of magazines on top of it!"

Wisconsin serial drunk driver blames beer breath on fish fry. In his defense, it was Friday.

Man defends self with beer, wins.

Yeah so, artificial skin is a thing now.

Most people who watched Eaten Alive angry that man was not eaten alive.

Now you at home can play How Many Pizzas Does it Cost!

NOT eye candy. Or any type of candy.

NOT eye candy. Or any type of candy.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Small Game Hunting
  • Ill-Tempered Sea Bass
  • Bring a Book to Read
  • Thinking in Pizzas