NerdBurger 093 - To Whom

This week Craig and Mike talk The Hobbit, spicy food, land for sale, & cryptozoology. Then Larry joins the show for some in-depth and now out-of-date news regarding The Interview, and shares what he's been watching on Netflix (SPOILERS!). Merry New Year!

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Men who like spicy food have higher levels of Testosterone.

Scotland is selling itself by the square foot (where have heard this idea before…?) and anyone can become a Lord or Lady.

NASA can email tools to space now. Too bad they can't send people to use them.

These stories are so old, who cares. Except this one about the porno. Was it North Korea, or just disgruntled former employees? By the time you read this the hackers will probably have been revealed to be Lord and Lady Douchebag of Two Random Square Feet in Scotland.

Express your inner barista with this new spice pen.

HBO's new streaming service will launch in April.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Testosteroni
  • It Was Inevitable