NerdBurger 132 - Sorry, Ando's Mom

This week Ando's back to talk invisibility cloaks, peeing & lying, cops & prostitutes, bananas & ice cream, NASA & Mars, a giant paintball, quantum superposition, and space whiskey. Plus, Ando fills us in (giggity) on his Star Trek blog and new music!

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Be sure to check out Ando and Katie Mae's Star Trek blog, and hear more of Ando and FullyClothed Men at!

Giant scrotu... er, paintball.

Giant scrotu... er, paintball.

Hide your small fruits and berries under this invisibility cloak. So useful!

A full bladder makes you a better liar. Drink up!

Eff the police... WAIT, DON'T!!! They'll just arrest you for prostitution.

Go to Hawaii and get some bananas that taste like ice cream.

No, it wasn't aliens.

World record holding giant ball of paint keeps getting more gianter. Seriously, never use that color again.

Read these science words about science. Schrodinger!

Not getting enough rubber and smoked fish flavors in your alcohol consumption? Try this impossibly expensive space whiskey.

Yogi Berra quotes. RIP, you goofy SOB.

This weeks alternate episode titles were:

  • Banana Talk
  • My Fingers are Sweaty
  • Winningest Personality
  • Oh, Yogi!
  • Rough Stuff