NerdBurger 134 - All the Bacon and Eggs

This week Jim returns to talk local government, football, Comcast, X-Files at NYCC, Lethal Weapon & Damage Control on TV, and Amish Randy Quaid. Plus, Jim gives us a look behind the scenes of Milwaukee's Rocky Horror stage show and reads some Sammy Pepys!

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For those lucky listeners in the Milwaukee area, you can (possibly, but probably not) go see Jim in The Rocky Horror Show at The Alchemist Theatre. He's "a stitch"!

He's Art F*cking Dahlberg

He's Art F*cking Dahlberg

The world's first interception of a spiked football has occurred in northeast Wisconsin. Go sports, more points!

Want to cancel all your Comcast but don't want to ever talk to them again? There's an app for that.

The X-Files reboot was shown off and talked about at New York Comic Con, so click the link if you don't want to be surprised by anything in January.

Fox is making a series out of Lethal Weapon, because there just aren't enough cop shows on TV.

Keanu Reeves opened his mouth and words came out, some of which were about Bill and Ted 3 we think.

Randy Quaid opened his mouth and a whole lot of crazy came out. Also, he and his wife were arrested for crossing the wrong US border.

ABC is making a show based on Damage Control, because MARVEL!

If you are one of the 4 people left on earth who are not already signed up to Netflix, it will cost more for you now and more for the rest of us later.

And if you have Amazon Prime, check out The Man in the High Castle pilot that Jim talked about.

Now, go eat all the bacon and eggs.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Behind the Cheese Curtain
  • Daily Porkcast