NerdBurger 164 - Mime Prison

This week the guys celebrate the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter launch with new guest and M&A contributor Tim, and talk Textalyzers, horror dentists, Ghostbusters, Han Solo, & lawnmower races. Plus, another Epic Rap Battle and bachelor party stories!

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The Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter is now live and almost fully funded! Go get yourself a copy and be part of history! And go read more about how stressed out Craig is right now at

They don't need those walls.

They don't need those walls.

New York wants to let police into drivers' phones using a "textalyzer". Yeah, good luck with that.

Sorry, slackers... your brain is always doing math whether you want it to or not.

Remember Jennifer Anniston's dentist character in the Horrible Bosses movies? This is the opposite of that.

Paul Feig is fed up with people who are fed up with what he did to Ghostbusters. Fair enough.

Sorry, #IngruberForSolo fans... this is young Han Solo.

British lawnmower racing season is a thing, and it has begun.

McDonald's restaurants in the Netherlands just got a lot more loud and annoying.

The 50 most influential gadgets of all time, according to Time. The magazine, not the concept.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Some Repercussions
  • Brown Chicken Brown Cow District
  • The Gahgoogahle Machine