NerdBurger 167 - Pretty Woman

This week world traveler Matthew returns to buzz the tower while talking beer pizza, Ferris Fest, Mean Tweets, why Olivia Munn's boyfriend is ruining football, why he feels the need for speed, and why he keeps writing checks his body can't cash.

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The Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter is now in it's fourth and final week, has over $4000 pledged, and is well on its way to the FOURTH stretch goal... COSMIC HORROR!!! No, not wh... "HOR-OR"... jeez. Go pledge now and help make Loud Guy Michael happy.

Pizza Hut is test marketing pizza made from beer. Testing, REALLY? Just roll it out everywhere Pizza Hut and stop toying with us.

You may have missed Top Gun Day, but there's still time to catch Ferris Fest. JUST KIDDING! We recorded this early. You missed it. Here, go find another 1986 movie to celebrate.

Ferris Bueller to Mean Tweets - six degrees of separation: Ferris Bueller > Ben Stein > Win Ben Stein's Money > Jimmy Kimmel > Mean Tweets

Hey there, Packer fan who wrote the highly critical letter about Aaron Rodgers... Aaron Rodgers thinks you're stupid.

Now, make yourself useful and go be someone's wingman.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • First Backer
  • Screw You Ferris Bueller
  • Scrotum Face and Anus Mouth