NerdBurger 172 - Lovingly Released

This week Larry returns to talk tips, Netflix in Georgia, dead people in toilets, hysterical smartphone blindness, hipster camp, and Drunkfleck. Also, TV SPOILERS abound for Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Disappointing Pines, & Orphan Black! #TipClub

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How to spot an easy mark #1: Are they drunk? This guy was so hammered he couldn't tell the difference between Washington and Franklin. I bet he wrote a scathing Yelp review before he sobered up as well.

How to spot an easy mark #2: Are they stupid? People at self-help seminar burn their feet after walking on fire.

Archer has been renewed through season 10.

Netflix bought a restaurant in Canton, GA (future home of a new Culver's) to shoot a new Jason Bateman series. Does that mean we'll see him driving his stair car around?

Do you talk too much? You may have this gene that makes too much of some chemical. And when you die, it will continue making too much of that chemical for a couple of days.

Unless, of course, your Canadjan funeral director gets to you first. In which case you'll be playing chutes and more chutes in your Canadjan city's sewer system.

Don't play on your phone in the dark with one eye. And if you do, don't go wasting healthcare resources because you're an idiot.

How to spot an easy mark #3: They'll pay hundreds of dollars for someone to steal their phone and make them sleep in a tent.

Drunkfleck. NSFW.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Tip Talk
  • Put Your Crap in the Back of My Thing
  • Camp Tippatippawhyah!
  • Gendry's Still Rowing