NerdBurger 220 - Chocolate Fist Bump

This week Andy returns to talk penis defense & world record, medical cyborgs & chocolate studies, 88mph radar selfie, and Angie's List of layoffs. Also: Andy comes bearing gifts, Mike spells out some rejected vanity plates, & Kevin asks another question!

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Man who owned a 7-Eleven opened his own 6-Twelve across the street because inflexible corporate douchebaggery.

Florida man gets off on big penis defense.

Kung Fu master's penis sets world record, stays attached to it's master.

Diabetic patients are slowly turning into cyborgs with the help of more advanced technology, while this Swedish company's workers are getting microchip implants in lieu of keys.

Study says: Eating chocolate may or may not lower your risk of atrial fibrillation because study. It will make your fist bumps more awesome.

In a weird confluence of CHiPs and BTTF, a man (not named Emmett or Marty) was caught on radar by a cop (possibly named Ponch or Jon) going 88 mph in his DeLorean.

Angie's list "right-sizes" through an "automation of workflow". Translation: they laid off 70 people. I bet they'd all like to play Murders & Acquisitions right now.

Rejected Wisconsin vanity plates.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Jamming in the Time and Date
  • Is That What Her Name Was?
  • Too High You For