NerdBurger 223 - Hold The Mayo and Lettuce

This week Ray returns to talk cyber scouts, Foxconn invasion, Han Solo shake-up, Prime beer, and extra-beefy Japanese burgers! Plus: Ray LARPs on his lean leg, Mnike learns us on mnemonic devices, and Craig quickly answers a Kevin question!

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Murders & Acquisitions is now available on Amazon! If you have Prime you can get it tomorrow. FREAKING TOMORROW!

Girl Scouts can still get badges for tying knots and being a good person and stuff, but they can now also get one for cyber security.

So Foxconn wants to build displays in five rust belt states and a sixth yet to be determined.

Ron Howard will clean up the mess left by the Han Solo movie directors that got fired. Good luck, Opie!

Amazon now has a dash button for beer! Too bad it's Heineken.

Japanese burger goes all-in on meat, ruins itself with lettuce AKA "water in its unfrozen solid state".

Have yourself some fun with mnemonic devices. Some are funny, most are dumb.

Are you a practicing Beatharian? If so, how are you reading this? Do they have the Internet in the afterlife? 'Cause you're dead.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Opie Wan Cunningham
  • How God Made Cliffs
  • Who Cares!