NerdBurger 225 - My Hugging Shirt

This week Michael returns to talk vertical videos, prom grandma, telepathy hats, eclipse prepping, and eyelids. Plus: Craig & Mike say more stuff, two more Kevin questions, and Michael gets you ready for Sunday with the best Game of Thrones fan theories!

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Public Service Announcement, courtesy of regular guest Larry.

Grandma got uninvited from prom by a reindeer... Sorry, correction: an asshat. Our apologies to reindeer.

A trendy stocking cap may be able to give you telepathy in 8 years. Or 108 years. Or 1008...

Carbondale, IL is getting itself total(ly) eclipse-ready. If you plan to watch, be sure to use appropriate eye protection during the eclipse, and plenty of sunscreen before and after.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Forever Hug
  • High Five Dates
  • Entirely Emotional