NerdBurger 234 - Plastering with Pepys

This week Jim returns to talk Irma, Gerald's Game on Netflix, Return of the Eats on Food Network, Red Sox & Yankees cheating on each other, and England's new Queen. Also: Man in the High Castle's improbable Nazis, more Sammy Peeps, and a Kevin Question!

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Samuel_Pepys - 234.jpg

Gerald's Game is coming to Netflix.

Get your multitaskers ready and touch up the flames on your stand mixer... Alton Brown is bringing the Eats back to Food Network.

Yankees caught cheating on Red Sox after Red Sox caught cheating on Yankees. Also, there's an Apple Watch and some cameras and WHY IS ANYONE WATCHING BASEBALL?!?

A little girl found Excalibur while swimming in Dozmary Pool, so she's the Queen right? This counts!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Spilling Less Poop Since 1932
  • Speaking of a Sport More People Care About
  • Age Appropriate Child Wounding
  • Sam Can Plaster