NerdBurger 260 - Live From AndoCon 2018!

This week - live from AndoCon 2018 - Craig and Mike welcome a room full of guests to talk gaming, gamers, & the games they play. Also news, trivia & rock-paper-scissors for prizes, a Kevin Question lightning round, and more 5-year anniversary surprises!

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Special thanks to Ando and Katie Mae, and all the volunteers, Kickstarter backers, and attendees who made AndoCon 2018 such a success and an amazingly fun weekend!

And thanks to all of the guests who gave their time to swing by our mobile studio and spend a few minutes with us:

Chris Tang from DriveThruRPG

Caro McCully, Executive Director of AndoCon

Sean Patrick Fannon - check out Freedom Squadron on Kickstarter now!

The Amazing Ando!

Marc Simmons from The Escapery

Eloy Lasanta from Third Eye Games and New Agenda Publishing

Dave Lupo from New World Alchemy

Regular guest Larry Gray from The Barley Garden - now with Holy Grail-themed cocktails!

And guest-wrangler and video-fixer Charlie Hawkins from Altered Confusion!

And thanks also to our listeners, old and new, who showed up to participate, sing along, win prizes, and give us some earholes to talk into.

CAPERS is live on Kickstarter at over 230%!

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Happy Pi Day!

Mark Hamill finally gets his sky on the walk of fame... Oops, I mean star.

Don't worry, that's not an evil clown laughing at you from inside your home. It's just Alexa.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Aerated Meat
  • The Correct Volume for Your Mouth
  • This Many Exposure Credits