NerdBurger 269 - Initial Liver Diagnosis

This week Ando & Katie Mae return to talk hot lava, Bill & Ted 3, signature livers, juicy brains, Brooklyn 9-9, and graduation fines. Also: Ando & Katie Mae report on AndoCon 2018, give us a Dark Shadows fan fiction update, and unroll a Kevin Question!

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There really is no perfect place to live.

Are you ready for a most excellent facing of the music?

NOT an episode of Scrubs.

The brain juice, my friend, is blowin' out your nose, the brain juice is blowin' out your nose.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved by NBC. Eff you, Fox!

This High School won't let you cheer for your kid at graduation. No word yet on whether the kids can accept their diplomas while operating dinosaur puppets.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Frankenception
  • Paging Doctor Lecter
  • Making Your Employment Dreams Come True
  • Revolver or The Wipe Album?