NerdBurger 271 - The Answer is No

This week Larry returns to talk canine currency, zombie alert, Lego pinball, body transplant, and Swedish meatballs. Also: Mike's dreams are more clever than he is, Craig reviews ER, Larry wins the Leisure Olympics, and Kevin's answer is unanimous!

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This is how money works.

Zombie alert.

Pinbrick machine? Brickball machine?

New body transplant "doctor" is even nuttier than his colleague. Maybe they can both get jobs in The Good Place.

Alexa is like a spy, er... I mean, informant in your living room.

Eat dirt, kids.

Shouldn’t Turkish meatballs be made from turkey?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • One, one-one-one-one-one
  • Life's a Garden
  • Turkish Meatballs