NerdBurger 280 - Forrest Gump Inception

This week Andy returns to talk Ready Player One, underground diamonds & space lakes, Deadwood movie, Pooperintendent update, and a story about a listing named Brady. Plus: Andy gets Craig & Mike hooked on BattleBots, and helps Kevin promote dirty towels!

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Happy birthday, Juan!

Happy birthday, Juan!

Oh Scott, there's a giant lake on Mars!

Diamonds are forever and ever and ever and ever. Because there are tonnes of them.

Announcin’ your plans is a good way to hear God laugh” -Al Swearengen

Ninjas wanted, apply within. Japan, that is. Also, not really.

The Pooperintendant is now just some dude that dookies in public, but whatever you do don't look at his mugshot because he's embarrassed. By the mugshot.

The Brady House is for sale. No, not Tom and Gisele. Jeez.

Paper, air, or a filthy towel? Or maybe a grain of salt...?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A Convincingly Done Oprah
  • Big Asphalt
  • Funny People, Starring Dustin Hoffman
  • Cousin Oliver's Oven
  • You Got Servo'd!