NerdBurger 308 - Nutrient Extraction Scenarios

This week Jim returns to talk Lost reboot, lost bitcoins, plastic helmets, vampire buddies, Dr. Evil's dork pics, and the inevitable roachpocalypse. Also, Craig wins awards for everyone, Jim delivers the eulogy for network TV, and Sammy Pepys lutes out!

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Get Lost, ABC.

Password: dUm6a$S!  

If Swiss Guards need breathable helmets shouldn’t they just have holes in them?

I sort of swept the hallway.  

THIS ONE is the NY Post.

You’ll wish we all died in a nuclear holocaust when the cockroaches take over.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Deep and Sultry

  • Award Winning Styx Producer

  • Sweet Sweet Six Million Dollar Van

  • Roachpocalypse

  • Lute-ing Out in Thompson’s Torn Knee Britches

  • Sammy Pepys’ New Navy