NerdBurger 313 - You Don't Just SLAP Together a Human Centipede

This week Michael returns to talk brains, Hollywood, party chalupa, and Good Place Easter eggs. Also: Michael pits pettiness against worldview in a monster match, Craig crushes Kickstarter with CAPERS Noir, and Kevin asks a word nerd Question!

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Does a Chalupa Centipede eat itself?

Does a Chalupa Centipede eat itself?

You’re using your brain’s autopilot right now, but don’t think about how you’re listening or you won’t do it as well!

James Gunn is BACK, baby!

Get your red hot party Chalupa here! And here… and here!

 So who’s the worse person, Jean-Ralphio or Eleanor Shellstrop?

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Poopstarter

  • Party Chalupa

  • Jean-Ralphio and Derek’s Bogus Journey

  • Give Me Chivalry or Give Me Death

  • Puking with Authority