NerdBurger 338 - Sometimes it's Okay

This week Curt returns to talk Galaxy unFolding, a horde of coins, German driver's ed shot & chaser, Facebook, Loch Ness, and Where's Rodney. Also: Craig handles some hot takes, Mike contemplates calibers, and Curt stuns with a small town murder mystery!

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But what about all the customers’ pre-existing anger?

Someone’s treasure map is now worthless.

8 year old German driver, SHOT and CHASER.

Jesse Eisenberg has a lot of explaining to do.

Warning: this story may give you the eels.

And As Heard on NerdBurger, it’s Curt’s Small Town Murder Mystery!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Hot Take

  • Welcome to Bullet Burger

  • The Detectorist

  • Taking Advantage of the Elderly

  • Don’t do Crimes

  • Giant Eels and Lizard People