NerdBurger 341 - Kylo Ren Faire

This week Jim returns to talk PornHub Tuesday, CAPERS Covert, Max & The Peacock, and iPhone 12 rumors. Plus: Dr. Bevil steals the news theme, Jim gets wound up about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Sammy Pepys has an exciting day, and Kevin blows up Big Tissue!

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Photo:  Katrin Auch

Max and the Peacock? I’d pay to stream that show!

“News” Item #1: Jeff Bezos really is evil. “News” Item #2: Jeff Bezos is incompetent. “News” Item #3: Jeff Bezos is a hypocrite.

Do you miss Touch ID like Craig? It’s probably coming back, and your aim won’t matter.

Jim was all prepped for hate at the Kylo Ren Faire, but these nerds tugged at his heart strings and saved him from the Dark Side. Unfortunately, the same thing can not be said about anyone’s sympathies for George Lucas.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Hot Racking with Miley Cyrus

  • Chasing Eyeballs Down Stairs

  • Unleash The Jim

  • Data’s Pad

  • Star Wars: A No Hope