NerdBurger 002 - Doing the Science

Craig & Mike welcome guest Scott via the World Wide Intarweb. The boys discuss the Real World time warp, what's been happening in, on, and around Mars, the creation of Skynet, and Canadians in space. They also attempt to play "Fun with Websites!".

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Scott's articles from this weeks episode: 

Mars Rover Drill Reveals Gray Under Red Planet's Surface

Curiosity Rover Finds Conditions Suitable for Past Life on Mars

Mars Deep Impact: Will a Comet Hit the Red Planet in 2014? 

Martian Marriage: Couple Needed for 500-day Trip to the Red Planet

Wanted: Bold Space Adventurers for Daring Mission to Another Planet

And Scott has gotten back to us on how long it would take for Curiosity to reach Spirit, were it to try: 

It's about 2200 kilometers (1375 miles). I described it being like driving from Toronto to Denver. One thing I forgot to look up, though, was Curiosity's top speed. That's only around 300 feet per hour, or about 1.3 miles a day. So, if the rover started driving and didn't stop, it'd take close to 4 years to get to Spirit. However, since they need line of sight to drive the rover from Earth, it can only drive when that side of Mars is facing Earth. So, at least double the time. Kinda sad, really. 

Indeed. Poor Spirit :( You can read more about it here. 

Akinator, the Web Genius, as heard on "Fun with Websites!". NerdBurger Labs has been able to independently confirm that given the correct input, in fact, Akinator works just fine :)