NerdBurger 004 - Schrödinger's Episöde

Craig & Mike eventually welcome guest James via the World Wide Intarweb to discuss Craig pimping his rig (& James replacing his), cussing in various languages, food nerdery, and a brief history of video media. Also, the boys play "What's That Word?".

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James, burning human feces with diesel fuel.


Connie, with some dusty Afghani dude. 

Connie and Local-sm.jpg

Mike, sending James a text. Exciting!

MIke Texting-sm.jpg

Good Eats, The Bacon Episode. Seriously, Alton Brown, you're welcome anytime. We'll even bring our studio to YOU.

Here's your weekly learnin': Read all about Beta vs. VHS, CD's, and HD DVD vs. Blu-ray .

And, if you don't already know (or watch Big Bang Theory): Erwin Schrödinger

Aaaaand... uncensored, FYI :)

Censor beeps courtesy of Thanks for keeping us not-explicit :)

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Put the HHHHHGGGTHH in Your Diphthong