NerdBurger 009 - A Picture of My Child's Rectal

This week Craig and Mike are joined by guest Andy for a surprise double recording session. Topics include us sucking at recording (again), Ferris Bueller's Defending Your Life, our first NerdBurger Challenge, tattoos, news, and haikus.

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NerdBurger Labs had this to say:

 "Your effing guess is as good as ours..."

Special thanks to Andy for sticking around during the hour he and Craig had to kill before going somewhere. Also special apologies to Andy for NerdBurger Labs and their screwy-ass equipment.

"HEEEEY!" -NerdBurger Labs


Nine times!

Nine Days!

...Other things with 9 in them!!!  Possibly including this movie Andy mentioned in an alternate universe-version of this episode.

Here's the Bruce Campbell book Craig loaned to Andy. Hey, when you were a kid, did you used to say "borrowed" instead of "loaned"? If so, you were a douchebag.

And speaking of douchebags (NerdBurger Labs: "HEEEY!"), here's our crappy beta-recording for this episode. Some good stuff is in there, we swear. First listener to prove they listened to the whole thing wins a prize! Submit your proof in the comments below.