NerdBurger 010 - Daleks, Exfoliate!

This week your hosts welcome Emily and Dave to celebrate our 10th episode. Topics include hating a dead Amazombieland, waffle tacos, Epic Rap Battles, and Dave & Em's Big Time Happy Ha-Ha Super Japanese Travel Show. Also, knitting!

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If only by way of some bizarre alchemy could hate have been morphed into ratings, this show might have survived - nay, flourished!


Breakfast waflle taco, anyone?



Need a new car? Fuck that, visit Japan! Have some sushi, or any other food from around the globe for that matter, and it will be better than you'll get here (wherever "here" is).

Also, check out Akihabara (Electric Town) and get a cat omelet with magic on it at a Maid Cafe!  We managed to find a video from one that wasn't porn. Enjoy. And remember: no tipping.


Here are the kickass results of Emily's efforts practicing the Dark Yarn Arts:

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Brought to You By "Nip", it's the Other N-Word!